Artificial Intelligence to overcome mass tourism and travel in a sustainable way.

Welcome to the future of tourism

Are you working in the tourism board of a destination and want to predict future tourist flows? Artificial Intelligence solutions will help you to use your data in the most efficient way and allows you to connect it to other interfaces such as booking platforms and social media to make better forecasts. This knowledge gained from data will help you to make the right decisions regarding future tourism investments.

Overtourism is a growing global issue

This issue is only beginning as the number of tourists will grow by 50% by 2030 to 1,8 billion

Boracay island in the Philippines, once voted one of the worlds best island, is closed off from tourists as President Rodrigo Duterte announced the island is a “cesspool” and initiated a six-month clean-up operation

Boracay before and after 15 years of uncontrolled tourism

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions for the tourism industry


We help you to analyse your market data to evaluate how tourism is going to develop in your destination in the future.


We promote tourism in areas that are less touristy by recommending alternatives to customers.

Data Integration

We connect your customer data with our data science solutions so that you have all your data in one place.

Green Consulting

We help you to take the right actions based on the knowledge acquired from the data.

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